Re: Smelly water coming from heater
Posted by Doreen on November 17, 2001 at 07:19:17:
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: : Ive figured out the rotten egg smell that is in my water is coming from the heater. I can get rid of the smell temporaraly if I run out all the hot water, but it returns in a few days. I understand that I need to take out the anode rod in the heater---but how do you do that? And will the heater corode sooner because the rod is gone? Is there a replacement rod or do they make a water heater that wont produce this smell? Help.

Erosion of the anode rod can be the cause of your rotten egg smell. The rod can be replaced, but it can be in different places on different heaters. Sometimes you have to cut through the metal surround on your heater to get to it. My daughter was having this problem, and I found a site that suggested putting hydrogen peroxide in the heater. I don't remember the amounts, how to do it, etc., but you might try to find a site that explains it, as this did work for her.

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