Re: Shallow/short depth toilet desired
Posted by Lynne on November 07, 2001 at 14:29:50:
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Oops, I seem to have accidentally posted too soon. Here's another try:

Since you're giving your dimensions in inches I guess you in North America, so this may not apply, but I've been looking for the same thing in the UK (where the standard length is 700mm, 1 inch being equal to 25.4mm) and have found that the shortest loo you can get is the Ideal Standard "Space" one, at 630mm. Do a search and you'll find their website. I'm sure I also found a 655mm one but I can't remember now where it was.

: I am looking for a one or two piece (prefer two piece) toilet for a 12" rough floor drain that minimizes the distance the toilet sticks out from the wall (got a small bathroom!). Seems most toilets stick out about 27", I'd like to try and find that is 25" or less. I'd appreciate any info folks might be able to pass me.

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