Re: Teledyne-Lars Boiler Hammering
Posted by hj on December 01, 1998 at 07:23:35:
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One possible problem with that type of boiler is when the pump shuts off before the burner and fire box has cooled down, the tubes will create steam and that can casue a loud bang, (and also damage the tubes). One other possibility is that the zone valves are closing too rapidly fo the water velocity going through them and causing a water hammer.

: Hi, Two years ago I had a Teledyne-Lars boiler installed in our home. Our home is a three level home with three seperate zones. Ever since the furnace was installed during the winter it causes the pipes to hammer just as the boiler is shutting off. We also hear a noise occasionally that sounds like a Cessna plane overhead that lasts for several minutes. The installer has thrown up his hands, he has backed off the pressure in one zone and I continue to get air out of the four release valves near the boiler. My wife is a light sleeper and this keeps her awake. Help! Any ideas?

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