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Posted by Hadi Haeri on November 07, 2001 at 09:58:43:
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: : We have a nagging problem with a sewer gas smell in one corner of our basement. The problem only is apparent in the fall, winter, and spring (most noticable with temps below 35 deg.). we live in northern Indiana, have a well and septic tank. I have checked all drain areas for proper traps and seals around toilets as well as vent pipes for the septic system. We have a clean dry basement with poured floor and block walls. Why do we have the smell only in the colder months?

: Have you figured out the problem? We live in Chicago
: and have a similar situation. We bought
: our house in September and started noticing the smell
: in November.
There are many factors that could lead to your current situation. I work in a waste water management company. Gasses that are produced have nothing to do with your basement. Since your septic tank is an anaerobic environment-without oxygen- many bacteria can dwell with in it. These bacteris feed on the waste and expel many different gasses. One way you could try to eliminate this problem is to try iron salt which reacts with gasses such as hyrogen sulfide-smells like rotten eggs- and see what the outcome is.

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