Wet basement
Posted by Tamara McCarthey on December 01, 1998 at 04:28:52:
We have discovered in our recently purchased home that the basement floods with heavy rain. We have had several "wet basement" people come to give us an estimate, they are able to help us with water rising from the ground and coming through the bottom of the foundation, but there is a source of water penetration that they are not sure they can fix. This problem area is water seeping from behind a drain pipe which is embedded in a concrete block. This concrete block extends from the wall and is about 9x5 with a height of 3 feet. We have no idea what purpose this drain may serve and wonder what the best course of action might be. There is a separate pipe attached to the same drain which we believe is wastewater from the kitchen sink. There is no leakage when it is not raining, so we have ruled out a leaky pipe situation. Some say it may be an old cistern covered with concrete. Any ideas about what this thing may be?

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