Leaking lead floor pan - Repair???
Posted by Ron L on November 30, 1998 at 00:10:51:
My circa 1955 tiled shower with lead floor pan has begun to leak. At this time I have removed the tile and old mud from around the drain out to about two inches. I found that the weep holes at the base of the fitting were completely clogged (several "plumbers" told me these had no weep holes!). I cleared these out. However, as expected, when I add water into the "moat" around the drain, it does leak to the floor below, as well as into the drain through the weep holes(now). I suspect the seal between the cast iron drain fitting and the lead is bad somewhere. Any chance I can repair this leak with lead or silicone (after a very thorough clean-up - perhaps with acid, for example? I really hate to pour a lot of time or money into this - we are currently considering moving to a newer and roomier house soon.

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