Re: Delta bathroom faucet
Posted by hj on November 28, 1998 at 22:20:49:
In response to Re: Delta bathroom faucet
Is this a sink or tub faucet. And if a tub valve does the handle rotate or move up and down. If it is not a rotating valve, buy a new Delta cap. Then heat the existing one all around the edge of the cap with a blowtorch. Stop frequently and try to remove the cap. When you reach the correct temperature the cap will unscrew easily, but do not touch it with your hand. Repair the faucet and install the new cap.

: This faucet leaks constantly; I know how to change the cartridge, etc., but I am unable to unscrew the outer casing in order to get to the cartridge. I purchased the appropriate tools to use but it will not budge. Is there something I could do to remedy this problem other than replacing the entire unit?

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