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Posted by herb on October 15, 2001 at 20:36:23:
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: I had a similar situation. The issues revolve around both venting (of the drain trap, not the dryer) and avoiding a siphoning effect.

: If you were to extend the washing machine hose into a drain somewhere, the end would have to be higher than the machine. Otherwise when the machine pumps out, it will start a siphon that will then let the next round of water out almost as fast as the machine lets it in. That's why the usual setup has the hose emptying into a standing pipe next to the machine. (The open space at the top stops th siphon.

: On the other hand, the standing drain pipe needs to have a trap at the bottom (to seal against sewer gases), and the distance from this trap to the drain stack is limited by the code for good reasons, becasue if it is too far, the trap will not be vented properly and is subject to getting siphoned out or otherwise emptied itself. Distance depend on pipe size and is listed in any plumbing book.

: I found I could meet all these constraints by putting the standing pipe at an intermediate distance between the stack and the machine, and I use some pvc to run an almost horizontal line from the hose to an ell, emptying into the top of the standpipe. I put this whole mess behind a cabinet door in the back of a closet, sort of a false wall, but one I had access too. This works fine.
: The key to the whole thing is to understand the principles, but if you can think it through before the plumber comes, you might come up with the least obtrusive design.
: I hope this helps.

: : Installing a washer/dryer in an upstairs condo, really like the Equator, which does not need venting, but I really could use a large machine for dog beds, comforters, etc. Need to run a gas line, which does not seem to be a major thing, though I would like an earthquake valve on the line only.

: : The main problem I run into is the drain, a plumber told me this is difficult---why? This could tie into the kitchen sink drain, or dump outside into the sink (jerry rig set-up) or even go through a walk in closet into the tub itself. I intended to have PCV pipe or something placed over the vulnerable sections of hoses, if hoses used, plus a safety shut off, and a device to stop a flood if a hose bursts. Upstairs condo built as apartments in the 60's.

: : I will be having a plumber doing this, best way?
: : I intend to stay here many years.

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