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Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on November 27, 1998 at 08:44:40:
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Pat:--There area number of water heater manufacturers that make direct vent models. I can't speak with certainty on the availability of direct vent furnaces to fill your needs.
Friendly persuation with your Contractor before this installation will be much more productive than harsh words and litigation after the fact. If you bargained for direct vent equipment, stick to your guns....lots of luck...Bud....

I am currently switching from electric heat and hot water to natural gas, with both furnace and water tank to be located in my garage. Because I have a shop in this space, I elected to go with direct-vent units to avoid combustion air quality issues (and dangers). But now I find my contractor putting in a Bradford White "power-vent" hot water tank. This addresses the 20' horizontal venting requirements of my location, but not the combustion air issues. This isn't what I asked for. Is there a direct-vent unit that addresses my needs? Shouldn't I be worried about the dangers of sawdust and finishing fumes around an open-combustion hot water tank, as well as damage to the unit from these materials? I need to decide what to do about this by Monday(11/30), so any advice/response appreciated. Thanks.

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