Direct-vent hot water
Posted by Pat on November 27, 1998 at 05:47:12:
I am currently switching from electric heat and hot water to natural gas, with both furnace and water tank to be located in my garage. Because I have a shop in this space, I elected to go with direct-vent units to avoid combustion air quality issues (and dangers). But now I find my contractor putting in a Bradford White "power-vent" hot water tank. This addresses the 20' horizontal venting requirements of my location, but not the combustion air issues. This isn't what I asked for. Is there a direct-vent unit that addresses my needs? Shouldn't I be worried about the dangers of sawdust and finishing fumes around an open-combustion hot water tank, as well as damage to the unit from these materials? I need to decide what to do about this by Monday(11/30), so any advice/response appreciated. Thanks.

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