Clogged Toilet
Posted by James Fairmount on November 26, 1998 at 10:57:18:
The upstairs toilet in our home (American Standard #3112 668 /Tank #4078) is becoming clogged more and more frequently (at least once or twice a week). It seems that its difficult for solid waste to flush completely. Incidently, the two other toilets in the house flush great and all the tubs and sinks drain with no problem.
The problem started about two years ago. I purchased a toilet snake and snaked the toilet once and it flushed with no problem. The toilet would continue to flush with no problem for several months, then problem would come back I'd snake it once -- no problem. More recently, the clogging had increased in frequency to once,
sometimes twice a week. Again, all I do is snake the toilet and it flushes completely and even "burps". It also seems that it is more difficult to find the passage and get the snake completely extended down the line. This morning I had to snake it again -- same procedure, same results. I'd sure appreciate any suggersetions.
that would help fix this problem and get rid of this nuissance.


J. Fairmount

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