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Posted by Dan on September 24, 2001 at 01:15:24:
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don't take any shit from these guys that will tell you it's difficult to plumb an upstairs bathroom... I just put one in my house without any (yes, any) prior plumbing knowledge... I would suggest grabbing Black & Decker's plumbing remodel book from your local home supply store... it's not "brain surgery" making water flow up & other stuff flow down so don't let anyone discourage you from taking this project on

: Jay,
: Let me see, you have a home built in 1900. Am I right? You want the bathroom to drain to the bathroom upstairs, Right?
: Why would you do that, you would be braaking the first law of plumbing! You know,
: Pay Day is Friday.
: No, that's not right.
: Don't lick your fingers!
: No, that's not right.
: I know it, It's S______ goes downhill!

: I think that's right, UNLESS,

: You mean you just want water from downstairs to go upstairs so it can make a return trip back to the downstairs again!

: IF, and I mean IF, that water downstairs has pressure, lik'n PSI type of pressure, the more than 20 PSI kind of pressure, because most pressure in homes is between 40 and 70 then I think that the water would "want" to go upstairs. One way to test the "want to" therory is to drill a hole in the top of a pipe downstairs and see if the water sprays "up" instead of down. If you do that make sure you know how to fix the pipe again and how to shut the water off. You could really have a mess if water was spraying everywhere in a 1900 home.

: An easiyer thing would be: Get a pressure gauge ans stick it on the hosebib. If you have pressure, then it's simple, the water "will" want to go upstairs anyway.

: You can run that thing in a wall, or on a wall, but don't let the pipe freeze outside of a wall.
: And make sure the pipe is big enough.
: There is only so much water you can squeeze through at a time. That why I use bigger pipes if'n more than a couple things are on it.

: For making water go down again, you will need waste pipes, and vent pipes. the vents go up, the waste goes down. And they all meet up in the middle. Mad Plumber

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