Re: Gas and Water pipe installation
Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on November 24, 1998 at 20:19:53:
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Gene:--If I were going to do this work for my self, I think I would use a 1" diameter Poly pipe for the water service (similar to what the water dept. is using..usually color coded blue).
For the gas line, I think I would go for the new 3/4" csst offering (Corrugated stainless steel
tubing) like Trac-Pipe or similar type. The additional 100,000 BTUs might strain the capacity of your house piping, if possible, run the new gas line to the meter location and tee off at that point for your new construction project.
Lots of luck...Bud.

I am building a garage and is located approx.
: 100 feet behind my house. I am wanting to tap into
: my water line and my gas line from my house. Would it
: best to use type L soft copper 3/4" tubing for the water line? Also, what would be your recommendation on the gas line? What size of gas line would be
: recommended, since the area will have a gas water heater and approx. 60,000 btu gas furance.

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