Re: Toilet Rough-In Clarification
Posted by Mike on September 19, 2001 at 00:11:13:
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why not just use a 10" rough-in configuration? actually, i'm posting this follow-up after searching for some advice myself. anyone know of any manufacturers that make a less than 10" rough-in configuration? my builder really got me with my basement, having plumbed my drain a mere 12" from other plumbing. after putting in a minimum wall, i'm left with 9" to place the toilet.

: I will do that and let you know how things turn out in a few days...

: : Many toilets will work with less than twelve inches. The best thing for you, if it's
: : already roughed in, is to assemble the toilet, set it against the wall and check the measurement.

: : : Oohh boy. Looks like I might have a 1/2" problem (don't know why I didn't think about this before...).

: : : Is there usually an allowance in this 12" standard or is 12" the absolute minimum?

: : :
: : : : They are referring to the measurement from the finished wall, whether that is drywall or tile.

: : : : : Just to clarify...

: : : : : When everyone talks about a 12" rough-in for a toilet drain, are we talking about 12" from the centre of the drain to the studs, or to the finished wall (i.e. drywall). I know it's only 1/2" or so, but that could make all the difference...

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