Re: Well water pressure problems
Posted by Joan Spicer on September 18, 2001 at 14:47:07:
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thanks for your suggestion: the electric company turned off power for 5 minutes and I lost water pressure in my well and it took 2 days to get it back to almost normal. I cleaned the aerators and attached a hose to the cutoff valve and let the water run to the outside. I could hear air pockets and lots of noise, but how do I adjust the pressure. there is a gauge near the floor and a big blue water tank with a valve on top. I am afraid to touch it. I am a single mom trying to fix everything myself as I am out of work right now. All info is appreciated and thank you for blessing me with your info. : I have just done some sink replacements and changed a water heater in my house. The water supply is well-fed and before I started any of the projects, I have had to turn off the pump, in order to install shut-off valves at each sink and at the water heater. I have a notably reduced water pressure now. Is there such a thing as the pump, or pressure tank losing pressure when shut off?

: Have you checked the areators on each faucet to see if they are plugged? Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

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