Re: Lint filter between washer and septic
Posted by ron staubly on September 04, 2001 at 07:55:36:
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I found the "septic protector" at:

Kinda pricey though.... Good luck.

: I've just built my first and last house. I want to do everything to maintain the septic system that was installed(Infiltrator). I've heard that lint in the washing machines discharge hose is not a good thing to send out to your drain fields. Is there a fiter system that I can install on this discharge hose to limit the amount of lint in the water? I am familier with lint socks and screens, however, my hose runs behind the washer and into a drain pipe in the wall. Both are not a convienient option for me. Is ther a filter canister of sorts that I can install on the line with a replaceable filter?

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