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Posted by hj on November 22, 1998 at 22:49:31:
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Shut off the system, and open the faucet to let all the water drain out. Then keep the faucet open and check the air pressure with a tire gauge. If it is not about 15 pounds, use a tire pump to add air. This will force water out of the faucet so do not turn off the faucet while pumping air into the tank.

: We have a culligan reverse osmosis water filter system and we are not
: getting a high volume of water out the faucet anymore. We have changed
: all the filters in the filtering system but that did not seem to
: alleviate the problem. Someone said our reservior may be waterlogged.
: Can you explain this and maybe suggest ways in which we can help with
: this problem without purchasing a new reservior? Thanks for your help
: in advance!

: Daryl Groen

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