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Posted by Vince on August 25, 2001 at 09:42:16:
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I have a pre-formed Mustee 36" x 36" shower pan in my bathroom (PN 36.101). The walls of my shower are tile.

The shower pan is new, being installed less than three months ago. However, hundreds of hair line cracks have developed in the surface of the pan along what appears to be predetermined patterns. Some crack patterns are along the uppermost lip, some extend diagonally from the entrence corners towards the drain and the remaining cracks are located between the drain and the enterence edge in a 3/4" width line that is parallel to the enterence edge. More crack patterns are appearing over time.

The shower pan manufacturer's representative looked at the pan yesterday, took a scouring pad and scrubbed it. He said that the cracks are only on the surface and recommended that nothing be done to the pan. He said that the warranty only covered structural damages (I'm assuming that this means it covers leaks only). The pan does not leak. After some discussion, the representative agreed to coat the pan but didn't go into details.

Some questions:
1. Is the installer required to replace the pan? The pan already looks 10 years old.
2. The pan does not have a coating on it now. Is this coating a common technique to fix the above problem? If so, what is the coating that they he is referring to?
3. Are their any standards that Mustee shower pans are held out to meet (such as ASTMD 4551?) in regards to hairline cracks?

If possible, please explain what is going on with my shower pan, the representatives response, and what I am entitled to under the above circumstances.



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