Woodford Faucet Repair
Posted by Don Webb on August 14, 2001 at 15:32:12:
In response to Woodford Faucet Repair
Following worked for me: 1. Used hose end fitting
to seal off faucet 2. turned on water in faucet
and slowly backed out packing gland nut to let
water pressure force out packing.
3. shut off water supply to faucet and removed
stem. 4. Replaced washer and lubricated all parts
with Harvey's Plumber Faucet and Valve Grease.
5. replace packing gland during re-assembly.
SECRET: Use water pressure to force out packing
gland!!! Lubricant makes faucet operate easier.
Parts are available at plumbing supply store, you
need washer and packing at a minimum.

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