toilet overflows
Posted by beatrice on November 20, 1998 at 09:26:36:
toilet overlows or threatens to overflow. this is on a septic tank which has been pumped out, drain field has been worked on. vent, drains have been reamed out. all parts in tank have been replaced. all other plumbing in house including other toilet and all drains are clear, no problems with them. only this one toilet works for a couple of days after work has been done on all of the above and then it starts overflowing again. if I replace the toilet, will that do any good? what in the world do I do next? I've been advised to install a whole new septic and drain field but before I go to that expense, what other alternatives do I have? is there something that can to wrong in a toilet besides the parts in the tank? what about where the toilet connects to the drain under the floor? help! thanks. bea

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