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Posted by Bill Nunnery on August 13, 2001 at 11:48:56:
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: We're in the process of selling our house and one of the issues that we're trying to reconcile with the borrowers
: involves having a new hot water heater installed. We're interested in finding out about direct vent water
: heaters in order to avoid having to vent the heater through the chimney (which would need a new lining).
: Would anyone be able to give me any suggestions about the purchase/installation of a direct vent hot
: water heater? How much should one of these run? Is it a do-it-yourselfer project? If not, how much is
: reasonable to pay someone for installation? We presently have a 40-gallon heater. Thanks!

My son and I are just in the process of installing a direct vent gas water heater. These units cost about $100 more than the standard roof vented water heater. In our case we are relocating the heater from the attic to the garage. The old unit failed but thanks to the builder it was impossible to get the old one out or get a new one in without cutting a hole in the ceiling.

If you are not moving the heater but just venting it to the outside your job is much simpler than our case. We have to re-plumb the gas and water lines in addition to cutting a hole in a brick wall. We also had to build a stand 18 inches high to meet local codes (prevents heavy combustible gases from igniting in the garage). We are doing this ourselves but you should know that I do everything myself. It is not a trivial task but it can be done if you are just replacing not relocating.

A far as installation cost for a direct vent unit goes, Home Depot charges $298 for replacement installation (NOT new installation).

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