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Posted by hj on November 19, 1998 at 09:40:14:
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We often finish repair concrete to a lower level than the original floor since the concrete patch has a tendency to shrink as it cures. The tile or carpet layers then use their topping mix to create a level floor. If you wish to put the tile down first, then level the area even with the original concrete. If that is not necessary, and it seldom is, then top it out to the level of the tile before carpeting.

: Hi --

: Last week we had drain plumbing under a concrete-slab
: living room floor repaired. The repair people topped
: the repair trench with 3-4 inches of redi-mix concrete.
: Unfortunately, the resulting surface is porous & very
: uneven, such that the linoleum tiles cannot be
: replaced.

: The original surface was a fine, smooth type of
: concrete which allowed cementing the tiles, over which
: we have an expensive carpet pad and carpet.

: It seems that the repair needs to be redone to enable
: the tiles to be replaced to form an organic
: seal and vapor barrier for the overlying carpet.

: The repair people want to come over and "seal" the
: uneven, porous concete, then lay the carpet on top.
: without the linoleum tiles. Is this reasonable?

: Thanks for your response.

: Roger Williams, Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley

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