Re: slow water out of tub's only
Posted by Terry Love on November 17, 1998 at 20:07:43:
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The first thing to check would be the aerators on the lav faucets. Remove these and see if the flow improves, they may need cleaning or replacement. The tubs may need removal and cleaning of the cartridge. If none of this helps, you may want to consider "back-flushing" the system.

: I have slow water out of both tubs . And alittle out of
: sink's . The water company flushed the pipes in the street . Some black and white tiny rock's came out of the meter and an outside pipe for the hose on my house . Ever since then the problem started . Do I have to change the vavles in the bath room , there the pull out kind and turn left & right for hot or cold , and if so should I plan on retiling the shower wall's
: Thanx Dale

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