bathroom gremlins!!
Posted by Viktor on November 17, 1998 at 15:46:17:
first off...this is a wonderful idea for finding answers to specific problems..hail terry!

anyway...I live in an apartment (i know, they should do the repairs) but the maint. is a little unreliable, so I
am trying to fix this problem myself. we have a 2 story townhouse, bath on each floor.

Downstairs, the faucet in the tub will not force all the water to the showerhead when the little plug is pulled up on the
faucet. Half goes out the showerhead, half still comes out the faucet. I noticed a valve lookin thing
inside the faucet that should block off the flow of water. Can you replace that piece? It doesn't look like
it was meant to be messed with. Or does the entire faucet need replacing? If that's the case then I'll live with

Upstairs, when hot water is used more than a couple minutes, it makes a horribly loud rumbling sound.
Funny thing is, when hot water is turned on in the lavatory sink downstairs, the sound goes away. This can't
be normal. Is this something I can fix, or perhaps more serious? Any help is appreciated..


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