bathroom remodel
Posted by Lauren on November 17, 1998 at 13:25:22:
Hi Terry;
This is a great website! A month ago we decided to combine a small, half bath and adjoining laundry room into a laundry/bathroom (with shower). Because I don't think we can get a preform shower in there, we'll do tile on the shower walls (and floor, or should we use a tray?) and a tile floor throughout the rest of the room. We'll buy a new toilet and sink (the kind that goes into the counter-top).
Our problem: Last week I was 'downsized' from my job, my son started college this fall and daughter starts next fall. We don't have the $$$ to remodel now, BUT -- I have the time! So, I'll go ahead with the project but my husband and I will try to do as much as we can ourselves.
The question: Where do I start? Someone said there are great deals and info on the web. Your suggestions on where to start will be invaluable.
Thanks, Terry. Give my best to Bill next time your visiting his bathrooms.

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