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Posted by Matt Blum on July 11, 2001 at 15:42:43:
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: What is the redommended method for heating tiles? We are installing 16 x 16 tile in our den. We are on an existing slab. Can you tell me anything about the quality of heating mats?

I have installed a product in my bathroom called Warm Tiles under 16x16 tumbled limestone tiles. It is an electrical mat under the tiles, under the tile adhesive, above the subfloor. It was easy to install and come with a temperature sensor along with on/off and rheostat.

Over 1 yr of expwerience I can tell you that you may never lay bare tiles again! Fabulous feel, and works great. Only problem has been the cost of operation. At a minimum setting in N. Calif. it's costing me about $1.00/day in increased energy costs. At higher setting much more money. But I won't give it up - it's that good.

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