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Posted by hj on November 16, 1998 at 23:47:27:
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If you fill the tub at 5 gpm you will be doing good. If you turn everything on at the same time you should see a drop in the flow rates. Piping is configured to handle a normal usage which is usually not everything running wide open at the same time. And when you do fill the tub, a 50 gallon water heater will only fill it from 4 to 7 inches before it starts running cold.

: Terry,

: I will be conducting my final closing walkthru in about two weeks. Any highlites I should look for or frequnt missed areas of concern in the bath (other areas too if you have the time)?
: Additionally, I'd like to know the proper flow rates for the filling of my whirlpool tub (fill rate) I've heard 20 GPM measured with a 5 gal bucket but that sounds a little high? What should I expect to see for a flow rate when I open the outdoor bibb, kitchen sink, powder room faucet and turn on the whilpool at the same time? Also greenboard installed on the ceiling of the shower and greenboard on the walls surrounding the whirlpool (what are common building practices? what is standard?
: I think it should be on the ceiling, the Const Sup sez not the normal building practice.. same for whirlpool, he sez 12" up from side is the norm. You be the judge.
: Thanks for the assist. Good, no make that Great website!!!
: Scott

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