Posted by steve burns on July 10, 2001 at 13:41:57:
: : Woke up after a hard rain and found the basement flooded, again. We have one floor drain downstairs, but the water wasn't coming up from their. The water seemed to be coming in around the floor near the walls. Their is several large puddles in the middle of the room, am wondering if these are old floor drains that were capped when remodling was done, Should these be open? Also have heard about a breathing tube located on the roof, should this be cleaned out when the sewers are snaked out?

: Robin, you may need perimiter drain tile installed in your basement floor to catch the water caused by heavy rains.Have a construction company look the job over and see if they can give you some ideas as to what to do to elimate this problem. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

:Dale- I've seen the same problem at my house and have re-routed downspouts from house and garage to another corner of the house which at least minimizes the problem.
Can't French drains be installed outside the afflicted walls routing the extra water again, to another location or possibly into the local drainage system? What is the best resource for planning and installing self -installed French drains?

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