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Posted by Bob W on July 06, 2001 at 17:26:47:
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: The only proper way to fix what you have is to lead caulk a riser of cast iron pipe into the hub and then caulk a cast-iron flange onto the riser.

: : What is the best way to solve my toilet flange dilemma? I have 4" service weight (SV) cast iron waste plumbing. I am remodeling my bathroom. Was forced to really due to leaky toilet flange and ruined subfloor. All of this is due to the previous owner�s attempts at resolving a similar problem years ago.
: : The existing plumbing exists as follows:
: : From a 45 deg Y on the main stack a short piece of 4" cast (9 inches) extends to a 45 deg bend with a hub or "bell" at the top. In the bell was a leaded in pipe with a lead sleeve to which a brass flange was soldered. The lead sleeve is ruined and the brass flange is removed now. I have a section of the floor removed and have access from below. Is there a way to convert to plastic? Are there toilet flanges available that fit into a cast iron hub if I can get the old stuff out of the hub?

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