Re: Asbestos Now I know. -NO WAY!!!!
Posted by D Tomlinson on July 03, 2001 at 22:12:24:
In response to Re: Asbestos Now I know. -NO WAY!!!!
: Kristina,
: Better to be safe than sorry. Asbestos is serious stuff. It does make me feel better that the recent scuttlebut on the stuff is that the danger had been exaggerated somewhat. After having been around it for so many years in plumbing, I hope they are right.

: I don't remove it for a living, and glad of it.

Been a mechanic for 30 years and have probably breathed much more asbestos dust in the years before the danger was known than anyone in the removal business. Asbestos is way over exzagerated as far as health concerns goes. There is a problem with mining it, but sofar I don't know of a single mechanic that has died from it and as mechanics go, we breathed a lot of it in years gone by.
Breathe freely

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