Re: bath remodel due to tree roots into sewer line
Posted by Kate Spontak on June 25, 2001 at 02:09:59:
In response to Re: bath remodel due to tree roots into sewer line
: : I need advice. My sewer line backed up because tree roots had infiltrated the line outside
: : my house but on my property, not the city's. Oh, what's the most effective solvent to destroy tree roots in
: : side of sewer lines. My house which was built in 1964 has no outside trap, only one 3" trap located in my garage wall
: : which is on the other side of the downstairs bathroom wall. The sewer line blockage is approximately 51 feet or so from
: : the trap. Again, thank you for any assistance you can provide. me. I should also tell you I live in Anchorage, Alaska.
: : If you need to speak with me, I can be reached at 907.271.2655 ext. 2649.

: I also have roots in my sewer line, if you found anything that will kill them inside the line, please email me thanks.

A product called Root-X can be used in sewer lines to repel roots. However, note that your sewer line is obviously cracked or broken and should be replaced. Tree roots are normally nowhere near as deep as sewers unless attracted by the moisture and air from a leaking sewer.

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