Foul Smell
Posted by Kathleen on November 15, 1998 at 17:39:11:
I live in a 30 year old house. We recently has our central air and heat replaced. We replaced it with the same size that came out. I smelled a bad (sewer gas maybe) odor coming mostly out of the return air vent in our hall. This vent is located next to our hall bathroom. The ac people said to get our ducts cleaned. We had our ducts cleaned. The smell is present whether the ac/heater is on or not (mostly on humid days). The smell is still in the return air and goes throughout the house when the ac in on. Someone told me it might be that something got in the vent pipe on the roof. This is not the problem. I also was told that it might be a dry pea trap. I put water in all the traps but still smell the bad odor. If this is sewer gas, can it effect my health? Can you offer another solution to this problem that is driving me crazy?

Kathleen - Houston, Texas

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