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Posted by john on June 20, 2001 at 19:40:58:
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: :What about dielectrics in a forced hot water heating system? Are they needed? dielectric unions in their facility. Is there anything that is published that states a brass nipple or a bronze valve can be used for the same purpose?

: Are you sure you are talking about a dielectric union?? or something else?? a dielectric union is an electrical insulating connection. generaly used between two dissimilar metal pipes to slow down galvanic corrossion. There is usualy no need for these in new construction because all the piping is generaly of the same material.

: A brass nipple is an excellent electrical conductor and will not hinder galvanic corrossion at all.

: A short length of CPVC or PEX installed between two dissimilar metal pipes would serve the same purpose. although it would generaly end up with extra connections.

: The most common use of the dielectric union is between old galvanized iron pipe and new copper tubing used to replace part of it or to run additional lines.

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