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Posted by Ahrmand on November 15, 1998 at 10:43:20:
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Casy:--There is a way that you can patch the hole in your galvanized water line. Locate the exact spot where the water is squirting up or out of the pipe. Dig a hole big enough to expose the site so that a good quality stainless steel repair clamp can be applied. Care must be taken to remove all the accumulated rust and scale that will be firmly attatched to the outer surface of the pipe. Cleaning the pipe down to bare metal is essential for a lasting repair,(you may have to use a small hammer to dislodge the rust and crud on the pipe. Determine the diameter of the pipe, and get the proper size repair clamp (get a good one) that has at least two good strong tightening bolts. When installing it be sure that the neoprene rubber is centered over the hole, and tighten the bolts down evenly.
If the leak is at a coupling or fitting, you will need to make he repairs by using a dresser coupling (s). Clean up the area that will need to be repaired or replaced of all rusted on material.
Cut out the bad fitting with a hack saw and install the dresser coupling and tighten it down.
If it is a section of pipe that needs to be replaced, clean as before..cut out the bad section and replace with a section of schedule 40 PVC and use two dresser couplings.
This is a patch that may last many years, or maybe not. If replacement of this line is a fiscal problem at this time, a patch with a quality repair clamp is the way to go for now.
Lots of luck......Ahrmand

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