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Posted by Thomas Culp on June 14, 2001 at 23:35:39:
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: If it is blue, it is PB. Polyethylene is usually black. If it is blue, call 1-800-356-3496. They do not need a lot of documentation other than the age of the residence and an 18" section of pipe from the abandoned service pipe after replacement. And if you let their company replace it, you don't even need that. Submit the repair bill with your documentation and they will usually reimburse that also. The origianl plumber must not be too familiar with the PB situation otherwise he would have repaired it and gave you this info. But if it is not PB piping, then you have no recourse.
: : I recently had a water line break in my front yard. The plumber that came to replace it identified the piping as polybutylene pipe. He then told me about the class-action lawsuit and gave me the number to call and then left. After calling the number, I found out that I would have to get together a lot of documentation prior to the line getting replaced. I was out of water and I had two newborns at home. I called another plumber (I could not get the original plumber back within the next day) to replace the line. I requested that he leave me the fittings as well as a nice piece if the piping.

: : As I was filling out the paperwork for reimbursement. I noticed that the markings on the pipe indicate 'Vanguard Plastics HDPE 1"'. I know that HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. What course of action shoul I take now? Sorry for the long question.

Are there any problems with poltyethelene piping?

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