Re: RE: NSF Checks
Posted by Chris Tipton on June 13, 2001 at 09:24:01:
In response to Re: RE: NSF Checks
Bounced Checks Collected
We collect bounced checks for free and pay a rebate out of the fee to merchants. Bounced check collection and bounced checks can kill
a merchants business. Our bounced check collection system will collect bounced checks faster. Even with the best of intentions some of your customers will give you bounced checks.
We know the value of your customers and can help keep your customers without offending
or losing them. Your bounced check collection problems can be over. This is free to merchants
because the fee is paid by the check writer. In many cases you may even receive a rebate to
cover the bank charge for your bounced checks. With our electronic bounced check collection
system, no notification of bounced checks will have to be sent. We simply recover bounced checks electronically for you and your customer doesn't have to receive an embarrassing phone call. Your customer will not have to bring in a money order or cash either. Visit our site for more information.

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