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Posted by Olga on November 14, 1998 at 19:52:47:
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It is VITAL to drain all pipes and to put antifreeze into the traps if you plan to close your house down and turn off all heat during the winter. It should cost no more the a few hundred dollars for a plumber to do this for you, which is probably much less expensive that having the heat run all winter. If this porocedure is not done properly, then your pipes will break when any remaining water in the traps freezes, and you will not be a happy camper when you open the property next spring/summer. Trust me...been there, done that! Good luck!
This summer I purchased a summer home in New England. I am planning on closing down the house
: for the winter months. How risky is it to turn off all heat. I plan to have a plumber help for the first time.
: Is it risky to do yourself. How important is it to blow out pipes, etc? What should I roughly expect to pay a
: plumber to do it for me? It is a 3 bedroom cape with electric heat.

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