water heater woes
Posted by Al on November 14, 1998 at 19:44:09:
I have a gas fired State, 50 Gal. water heater that was installed 7 years ago
When I drain the tank I get a sand like mixture coming out of the drain (quite a bit comes out). Does this indicate that the anode rods are deteriorating? Or is this sediment in my water supply?
The drain valve in the heater leaks when closed; I was going to replace the drain valve but was warned by a sales clerk that these valves always get stuck and crack (mine is plastic) when you try to replace them. I put a hose cap and washer on the drain spigot to stop the leak but the threads on the drain spigot are in poor condition and I'm afraid to constantly remove and replace the cap to drain the tank.
If the sediment in the tank is from the anode rods will I have difficulty replacing them?
Is it time to replace this tank or is there a fix for the drain valve and sediment problems?
Advice appreciated.

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