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Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on November 13, 1998 at 19:41:39:
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Mike:--Your most immediate problem associated with plotting a bell curve in your temperature plot for a 1 gallon tank, is finding a 1 gallon tank that will accept a heating element for this study. You could extrapolate this information by converting efficiency ratings for standard heating elements. For example; a 4500 watt element can be assigned a BTU rating.
It takes one BTU to raise one pound of pure water one degree. There are 8.33 lbs. of water in each US gallon. The configuration of the tank as well as the placement of the element will have a significant impact on the distribution and convexion patterns of the heated water. The actual surface temperature of the heating element would be a function of applied electrical input.. the rated wattage of the element, and the water pressure inside the test vessel.
An array of thermistors and a real time/temp recorder chart could provide data that could be used to quantify the values on your profile. The ambient temperature of the water contained in the test vessel would of course have to be noted prior to starting this profile.
Lots of luck........Bud

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