Re: Brown spotted laundry-Rusty Pipes??
Posted by Ed Schmitt on June 07, 2001 at 10:08:46:
In response to Re: Brown spotted laundry-Rusty Pipes??
Could be that your washer is rusting in the inside-I had this problem nad could see the rust under the washer lid. If the spots are very pronounced this is probably the case. The question is how old is the washer?: Our laundry is coming out all spotted with brownish yellow spots and streaks. We have used an iron out product-which removes the spots. This leads me to believe the problem is rusty water. The Water Company tells me I have a 200' run of galvanized pipe coming in off the water main and since it is 30 years old it is probably rusty and that is my problem. They recommend I install a new line (copper/PVC) off the main which now runs down my street. This is a costly fix. Does it sound right to you??

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