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Posted by Akmed on November 12, 1998 at 21:22:55:
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Pete:--The purchase of an appliance that may spent the next 25 years or more in your household is not a decision to be taken lightly.
Style without adequate function could lead to domestic discord or perhaps more serious and lasting repercussions. Defer to your wifes judgement in the matter of this potty purchase.
Chivalry may be dead, but common sense is still to be found occasionally. If YOU opt for the model
that has the 1.75" delivery chute, you may have to adjust your normal dining fare to head off problems at the Pass. A steady intake of clear soups...Jello..and Prune Juice is a high price to pay for the addition of an esthetically pleasing piece of Glazed China in the Little Room.
And then there is the embarassment of your friends and relatives when they grace your home with a visit. These poor hapless folks will be reduced to tears after just one visit to your Powder Room. The less stalwart visitors may resort to exiting your premises via a bathroom window rather than seeking your assistance in resolving a problem with your contankerous commode. You will never see these people again, they may simply just leave town forever rather than admit to being cowardly and leaving the scene of a scene.
Pete, this is more than picking out a pretty face in a chorus line, this is a choice that is of more importance than you might at first think.
Let your wife make the selection, if it doesn't work out, you won't have to listen to alot of questions about your IQ or your Gene Pool.
"A man who is wise in his own eyes..needs glasses"
Akmed...Lots of luck..

Was looking at buying either the american standard (hamilton) or the eljer cantiberry when i looked at the bottom of the american standard the outlet hole at the bottom was only about 1.750 inch.this seeemed very small, anyone have any comments on either toilet?

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