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Posted by Bob on November 12, 1998 at 06:21:38:
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: Sheetrock was being used before that. I would suspect that it was an expandable and the upstairs was finished by the home owner after they moved in.

: : The home my daughter and son-in-law just bought,we understand from a neighbor who was there at the time,took 2 years to complete,and was finished in 1952. The downstairs is plaster and the up is sheetrock. Everyone was curious as to why, and I thought possibley somewhere in between is when sheetrock came on the scene. Do anyone know if I'm right?

I recently talked to someone that was around when the house was built and he said"no",it was built all at one time. Just seemed kind of strange to me. Oh well. I wished some of the people on here that are interested in fine craftsmanship could see this house,though. Everytime I'm in it,I see something else.The floors are all hardwood and there is wood trim all over. 7"varnished baseboard in every room. The stair risers and treads are locked in under pre-cut kickboards(?).There are steel beams running under the main floor.Thermopane windows.The house does have one unique feature. I hope I can discribe it so you can unerstand. The staircase to the second floor is directly in the center of the house.You reach the top and turn 180D and walk down a short hall and the b'rooms are on either side. When you enter the right-hand b'room and turn around and look at the wall housing the door,it looks as though something as warped or at least not straight. It's not. On further inspection,you find that the wall wasn't built in a straight line. It's as though 2 people started at either end and didn't meet in the middle. The door is angled inward slightly from right to left. Quite a conversation piece when my son-in-law shows someone around.

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