Re: Q-Any further info of Eljer AquaSaver perform?
Posted by Mark Bluestein on May 23, 2001 at 11:53:27:
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: : Hi Terry,

: : 1-this board is great. thanks!

: : 2- Q- Do you have any further performance info of the Eljer
: : AquaSaver? (archives show latest news early-99 that they were gonna
: : have a redesign but not at that time).
: : I'm looking to replace our poorly performing 1.6g with a pressure-assist
: : model but we'd like it to be not so noisy. an Eljer rep at the HomeDepot
: : said their PF2(?) was made to be much quieter than previous P.A.'s.

: : Any further info/recommendations from anyone?

: : Thanks for a great source of info,
: : Kenneth T.

: I'm also interested to know if the Eljer Aqua Saver's bowl was ever redisgned as the posting from '99 say. I'm looking to replace my two toilets and home depot only carries this model. The only power assisted model they have in fact at my location (Orlando). Any more info would be much help in making a choice.

: Thanks,

: Bruce W.

After a year of regular use I've been very pleased with my unit. The flush is very powerful and quieter than the Flushmate. Initially the tank/bowl gasket leaked, squirting out a stream during the high pressure flush. Eljer sent me a new gasket with a different hardness and I carefully aligned the tank and torqued the bolts. You have to be careful you don't apply too much pressure to the bolts which could crack the bowl unit. My plumber who initially installed the toilet wasn't familiar with pressurized systems and quickly gave up trying to fix the leak. A real advantage of the Aquasaver is that the water surface covers essentially the entire bowl, keeping the bowl clean. Haven't had the problem that Terry mentioned about shredding of toilet paper. Contents of the toilet seem to vanish instantly as soon as you flush. Check out the PF2 website for all kinds of technical info on the pressurized system. (

Mark Bluestein

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