Re: New whirlpool leaks -- fixable on site?
Posted by Charlie on May 09, 19101 at 17:15:05:
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In case anyone ever reads this item, Kohler send out a contract repairman who found that the water was getting into the fiberglass layers at one of the jet openings. He removed the jet and sealed the problem area, and it's all set. Whew!

: I just installed a new Kohler fiberglass whirlpool on a bed of mortar, according to Kohler instructions. When I filled for testing, I found a small but constant drip coming out of the bottom, near a corner, between two laminate layers. There's no apparent damage insdie or outside, so I'm wondering if the water is getting there where one of the jets passes through, and, if so, whether this is something the Kohler might be able to fix on site. Otherwise it brings my whole construction project to a halt; I have to delay the tile person, etc. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Would like to get some background before calling Kohler tomorrow (Monday). Thanks.

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