Re: removal of fiberglass shower wall to get to leaky pipe
Posted by Eric on May 07, 19101 at 15:44:59:
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: We live in an old home with no backside access to the showerhead water pipe. A leak has developed back there somewhere because we can hear the dripping. My question is... how can we remove the fiberglass shower wall without breaking it to get to the pipe? We really dont have the money at this time to install a new shower insert. I am getting more concerned with fixing the problem because we have well water and the constant water flow is causing our well pump to kick on constantly! If anyone has any ideas... please, please let me know... it would be GREATLy appreciated.
: Thank you.

Your solutions are pretty limited.

1. As you have already pointed out, you could go at the leak from the front side by breaking through the fiberglass tub surround. This will get messy and will require you to replace at least that section of the fiberglass surround.

Please note that taking off a fiberglass surround is very difficult; the adhesives used tend to have a very tenacious grip, especially if it was glued onto an old tile wall. You'll likely destroy the fiberglass if you attempt to remove it.

2. You might want to consider approaching it from the backside anyway. You mentioned that there is no backside access to the pipe, but if the wall on the other side of the shower is drywall, it will be considerably less work to cut into the drywall where the plumbing is located, and then patch and repair the drywall later. Better yet, after cutting into the drywall and making your repairs, you might be able to get someone to frame in a cabinet door or something similar so that the next time you need backside access, you won't have the same troubles.

But remember to install a door that has an airtight seal around the edges; this will prevent the sound of the rushing water from making too much noise.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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