Sewage ejector with dry basin?
Posted by Barb Holder on May 06, 19101 at 18:21:21:
We have just completed having a house built, with a basement bathroom. The plumber who installed the sewage ejector put a hole in the basin because he said it was bad for the basin to be dry, and letting some ground water in would solve that potential problem. When the time came to hook the septic into into our sand-mound system, we were told that there was no way that hole should be in the basin: that the ground water could effectively kill our sandmound. The plumber insisted that hold was necessary, but reluctantly plugged it (or at least thought he did). The sewage ejector still runs occasionally, even though we have not yet used the basement bathroom (no other drains enter the basin. We intend to get the hole plugged, but what is the real scoop on the sewage basin going dry? Do we need to be concerned about this? Is there such thing as a "low water alarm"? Should we perhaps route our kitchen sink into the basin? And one final question: if we need to worry about the basin going dry, how do we handle going on our seasonal several-month vacation? Can we fill the basin until the pump runs and immediately unplug it? The basin is sealed, so I fail to see how it could possibly go dry from evaporation.

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