Pressure Assit Toilets
Posted by TJ NOLAN on May 06, 19101 at 02:45:53:
Amazing web site! Having read most everything on the "recommended toilets" page and also many of the comments on the bulletin board, I am thinking I may need to go with a Briggs Vacuity model or a pressure assist model. I have the older home with the large iron pipe and just hate to give up my old unit with the high gallonage. After reading all your info I still can't decide!!
Here's the question. You have a link to the W/C Technology Corporation who offer the PF/2 pressure assist system. You show no toilets on your list which use this system. Their web page compares this system to the Flushmate (Sloan). It appears that they are the evolution from the Flushmate system with the PF/2, but they only show it in two brands of toilets. The Eljer Aquasaver, and the Peerless Pottery Preditor. Both rather pricey.
Does this unit (PF/2) appear in any other brands/models and if not, why not? Their video presentations are very convincing. Also why are neither of the 2 units they do show, on your list?
Thanks for your help.

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