clogged screen in bathtub faucet Clueless & Goin Crazy
Posted by Crystal on May 05, 19101 at 11:57:13:
In January the dip stick in my hot water heater was gone, which explained my problem of little hot water. Once repaired, all the faucets had very little water pressure as far as the hot water went. I remembered the guy said something about white sludge which I hadn't seen, so I assumed it had gotten clogged in the screens. My husband cleaned out all of the screens including to the washer. It worked. The only problem is we have no idea how to fix the bathtub faucet. We have a shower so the thingy is in the way. Do we have to take the faucet out of the wall to clean it? How do we take it out if we do? We have ceramic tile around it. I've looked in books and online to no avail. Thanks for any help you can give! It takes about 45 minutes to fill the tub half way.

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