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Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on May 04, 19101 at 08:29:39:
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John: If the pump has a start or run capacitor that has given up the ghost, that could be the problem. If you are not familiar with electric motor operation, you will need someone to trouble shoot the problem.
Most larger pump motors can be connected to
110 volt or 220 voltage operation but require some
simple internal wire connection changes.
Your best bet is to get help from a qualified person.....Bud

I have a well with a less than 1 year old 11/2hp pump we just bought this house 2 days ago. I did wash today and went to take a shower and NO water. I had to reset the box for the pump 3 times. The only thing this guy just replaced is the pressure switch. He told me the pump is 11/2 hp at 220.. no i looked a the switchs box and it says 11/2 at 115V and 2hp 230V Is this why i am having a problem? I dont know anything about wells I guess i should call someone? ANy advse?

: JOhn

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