Re: What is the best FLUSHER????
Posted by Terry Love on May 03, 19101 at 11:51:49:
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: I am about to redo my bathroom. I do not want to spend a ton of money on a toilet. But I do want one that flushes well. What is the best for the money?

: Also, the toilet that is in the bath now works ok. I think it is one of those old 5 gallon flushers. Has 4 bolts on the base. Should I just keep it? Matt

I would measure from the back set of bolts to the wall. Standard toilets are bolted at 12" from the back wall. You may have a 14" rough toilet there. I don't know what kind of car you drive, or how well you maintain it, but in my mind, you do get what you pay for. High satisfaction among customes have been with the above picture toilet and it's cousin, the one-piece Ultamax, which is a tad quieter. For more information on toilets that flush well, you can check the link below. Terry

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